Why Choose Us

Extensive Experience ~ Attorney Chatterton has been practicing in the legal professionals for over 20 years. With extensive experience handling a wide array of different cases and controversies, Attorney Chatterton has the knowledge and expertise to resolve complex legal issues in a professional and competent manner. He is a skilled trial attorney with years of experience successfully litigating a host of varied disputes and criminal matters.

Successful Results ~ Throughout his legal career, Attorney Chatterton has been a highly successful and effective trial lawyer. He has helped countless individuals obtain acquittals and favorable settlements. He has traveled extensively across the state and has earned a reputation for being a tough litigator with a powerful presence and command in the courtroom.

Compassionate Care ~ Attorney Chatterton is friendly and helpful, delivering personal and compassionate legal services that respond to the needs of our clients. Dealing with legal problems can be a difficult time, particularly when they involve emotional issues, such as the death of a loved one or a child custody dispute. Attorney Chatterton goes beyond the scope of his duty and works to counsel clients through whatever challenging situation they may be facing.

Outstanding Reputation ~ Attorney Chatterton has built a successful litigation firm in large part based on client referrals. There is no better way to measure the quality of a legal firm than by asking former clients about the experiences they have had. At the Law Office of Patrick L. Chatterton, we have built an excellent reputation in the community and work diligently to be worthy of the compelling endorsement we receive from clients across the country.

Client Counseling ~ With sound knowledge and a thorough understanding of legal principles, Attorney Chatterton is able to educate and counsel clients on important matters in their case, explaining complex areas of law in simple and direct terms that clients can easily understand. He works to keep clients informed and involved in the decision-making process, allowing them to be active participants in fashioning a remedy for their legal challenges.

Open & Honest Evaluation ~ At the Law Office of Patrick L. Chatterton, we stand behind our word and the quality of our work product. When clients come to us, we provide them with an honest evaluation and clearly explain the legal options they can pursue and the likelihood of their recovery. We analyze each case thoroughly upfront and do not make promises or give clients false expectations that are not supported by law.