"I hired Attorney Chatterton to represent me in a Child Support/Parenting Time case and one of the first things I noticed was how frank and honest he is...he told me that he would not promise me anything more than his 100% dedication to my case. Attorney Chatterton took on my case, which is in Isabella county, on very short notice...the day before he was going on vacation and my court hearing was the day he returned. Throughout this time, he kept in communication with me and made me feel that he would give it his all. Being an Active Duty Army Solider stationed outside the state of Michigan, it has been difficult to find an Attorney that is not only an honest hard worker, but also one that is willing to go above and beyond for me. Thank you sir, for all of your help. I greatly appreciate you for caring!"

– L. Olan

"After 3 years, many court dates, and two other Attorneys I finally wised up and hired Attorney Chatterton to represent me in my spousal support case. He was very up-front, honest and a man of integrity! He was compassionate to my situation and utilized his legal knowledge and expertise when presenting the facts. Each time we entered the court room I felt like he had my back. Whenever I needed a questioned answered, I would email Attorney Chatterton and every email was answered promptly. Attorney Chatterton made sure that I understood every step of the process. I believe if you are looking for an attorney who will give you the confidence of a fair day in court, then you should hire Attorney Chatterton."

– Mike B.

"My experience with Attorney Patrick Chatterton was positive in every aspect. His knowledge of Estate handling, combined with his respect and compassion, made the difficult task of closing my mother's estate much easier for me, both mentally and emotionally. His receptionist and legal secretary are exceptionally efficient and kind. They relayed my questions to Attorney Chatterton without delay. I often received the answers to my questions on the same day that I called. I could not have found a better law practice to work with."

– Susan C.

"I used Attorney Chatterton for my child custody case and found Attorney Chatterton to be an aggressive and honest attorney. He was straight forward, and wouldn't promise anything he couldn't achieve. He was compassionate to my situation and understood my worries during this difficult time for me. His staff was knowledgeable and relayed messages quickly and promptly. I would recommend him, and plan to use him for any legal matters that arise in the future. In fact, he is the only attorney I will use!"

– Dennis R.

"Looking for a great law office? Look no more. I have used Attorney Chatterton on several occasions. Anything from suspended driver's license to legal guardianship over my grand-daughter. And, I will continue to use his help in the future. Attorney Chatterton is a very honest man. He will answer any and all legal questions you may have, give you the best advice for your situation, and is with you all the way. He is a very nice, down to earth guy. When you call his office to schedule an appointment, you will speak with his very polite and very nice secretary. I believe you will be more than satisfied with Attorney Chatterton's work."

– Becky S.

"I highly recommend Attorney Chatterton not only for his legal competence but for his caring demeanor. He makes you feel comfortable and treats you as if he is defending and protecting the rights of one of his family members. He made this extremely difficult time period in my life run smoothly. He is a top-notch lawyer of the highest caliber. If yo u choose him to represent your interests,you will not regret your choice. I am eternally grateful to have had him on my side."

– Gladys R.

"I was arrested for a DUI and hired Patrick Chatterton as my lawyer. He was extremely helpful and gave me the knowledge of what to expect during the court proceedings. He was always prompt on returning calls and arriving to court on time. I eventually was charge with reckless driving to help avoid a drinking offense on my license. I was really pleased with the outcome of my hearings."

– Ryan K.

"I was facing a low level felony and misdemeanor. Attorney Chatterton utilizing his legal knowledge and expertise presented the facts. My charges were reduced and dismissed. Attorney Chatterton knows the legal system and will work for you and get results."

– Mark

"I went to Attorney Chatterton for my child custody case because he's aggressive and thorough. Even though he's aggressive he was compassionate to my situation. Attorney Chatterton was honest and forth coming. He didn't promise anything that he could not achieve. I would recommend his services and will use him in any other legal matter in the future."

– D & M

"We hired Attorney Chatterton to represent our daughter in a Child Protective Services/Custody proceeding. Attorney Chatterton and his law firm were very supportive and professional during the handling of our daughter's case. Our telephone calls were promptly relayed to Attorney Chatterton, and he often responded the same day. As a result of Attorney Chatterton's knowledge and understanding of the law, our daughter retained custody of our grandchildren. We definitely recommend the legal services of Attorney Patrick L. Chatterton and his law firm."

– Levi K.