Wrongful Death Claims

Coping with the death of a family member or close relative is a painful and emotional time. There are many questions that are left unanswered, as families struggle to learn the details and resolve any issues that may be pending. Families often struggle with financial challenges and the legal implications that surround the death.

A wrongful death claim arises when someone causes the death of another person by an act of willful, reckless, or negligent misconduct. Family members or close relatives of the deceased can bring a cause of action for wrongful death against the at-fault party, holding him or her liable for the consequences of his or her conduct.

All too often, wrongful death claims are alcohol-related. Alcohol-related accidents are a serious problem at the local, state, and national level. Drunk driving accidents continue to claim the lives of many victims annually. There are several hundred drunk driving fatalities each year in the state of Michigan alone.

Attorney Chatterton helps families achieve justice, working towards a fair settlement and a sense of resolution that will allow families and loved ones to move forward. In handling wrongful death cases, he manifests the highest degree of compassion, sensitivity, and respect in working with families, helping them cope, and seeking a fair settlement to compensate them for their damages and loss.

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