Watercraft/Snowmobile/ATV Accidents

At the Law Office of Patrick L. Chatterton, we have extensive experience representing accident victims, including those who are injured in watercraft, snowmobile, ATV, and other off-road vehicle accidents. These types of accidents frequently involve negligence or willful misconduct on the part of one or both of the parties involved. Accidents may also happen as a result of an unreasonably dangerous product or product design defect.

Within the complex and detailed legal process involved in filing a claim for recovery, injured victims are forced to go up against large insurance providers who have experienced and skillful attorneys working on their side. Without competent legal representation, injured parties are vulnerable to attack and their right to recovery can be seriously diminished or even completely destroyed.

Attorney Chatterton has extensive knowledge and experience representing accident victims. He has negotiated sizeable settlements for personal injury clients, and when an appropriate settlement could not be reached, he has been successful in obtaining substantial jury verdicts. In every personal injury case, our goal is to seek adequate compensation to redress the injuries, emotional distress, and permanent loss that our clients are suffering.

Attorney Chatterton is well-versed in helping injured parties maximize their recovery, taking advantage of all the opportunities available to ensure that injured victims have the greatest chance of making a full recovery. Schedule a free consultation today. Attorney Chatterton has helped other injured victims successfully recover millions of dollars for their injuries.