Motor Vehicle/Motorcycle Accidents

Automobiles and other means of transportation are the chief causes of personal injury today. Moreover, resulting injuries are often severe, leaving parties with significant bodily harm, permanent disabilities, and a lengthy recovery period. Transportation liability is a broad area of personal injury law that involves drivers, pedestrians, and passengers and encompasses automobile, motorcycle, semi-trailer, boating, airplane, bus, taxi, train, and ATV accidents, rollovers, and collisions.

Attorney Chatterton has significant experience helping victims of motor vehicle accidents recover damages for their injuries. He works quickly to secure a settlement through mediation or negotiation proceedings if possible. If the opposing party is unwilling to settle, Attorney Chatterton will pursue the claim in court, building a solid case to present to the jury. He has extensive experience documenting and gathering pertinent information from the accident scene and carefully reconstructing the incident to prove to the jury how the accident happened and who is responsible.

For those who are seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact Attorney Patrick L. Chatterton today for a free consultation to discuss what can be done to compensate you for your injuries. We recover nothing, unless you do. Attorney Chatterton has helped other injured victims successfully recover millions of dollars for their injuries.