Personal Injury

Attorney Chatterton has helped injured victims successfully recover millions of dollars for their injuries. We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency basis, so we only recover if you do.

Medical Malpractice

When mistakes involving medical malpractice do happen, the effects and consequences are often very serious and can have permanent and long-lasting implications in the lives of those who are injured. Medical malpractice cases involve the negligent adm… Read More

Motor Vehicle/Motorcycle Accidents

Automobiles and other means of transportation are the chief causes of personal injury today. Moreover, resulting injuries are often severe, leaving parties with significant bodily harm, permanent disabilities, and a lengthy recovery period. Transport… Read More

Watercraft/Snowmobile/ATV Accidents

At the Law Office of Patrick L. Chatterton, we have extensive experience representing accident victims, including those who are injured in watercraft, snowmobile, ATV, and other off-road vehicle accidents. These types of accidents frequently involve… Read More

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. Premises liability deals with those instances when individuals are injured on someone else’s property. If you are injured on another’s property, injuries may give rise to liability, for example, if the… Read More

Dog Bites

Landowners or occupiers of property may be held liable for injuries that take place on their property. This includes liability for injuries sustained as a result of dog bites. Most states, including Michigan, impose liability on a dog owner for all d… Read More

Wrongful Death Claims

Coping with the death of a family member or close relative is a painful and emotional time. There are many questions that are left unanswered, as families struggle to learn the details and resolve any issues that may be pending. Families often strugg… Read More