Separate Maintenance

Under Michigan law, when a couple is contemplating the termination of their marriage, they have two options: divorce or separation. In Michigan, the only way for a couple to obtain a legal separation is by filing a "Separate Maintenance" action.

The procedure for obtaining a Judgment of Separate Maintenance in Michigan is similar to the procedure for a getting divorce. A couple must file a lawsuit in the county circuit court, testifying to a breakdown of the marital relationship and that the parties are unwilling or unable to reconcile. When a Judgment of Separate Maintenance is issued by the court, a couple technically remains married, which prohibits either spouse from remarrying. Separate Maintenance may be beneficial to the couple for religious, health care, or immigration-related concerns. With Separate Maintenance, the court will divide the marital assets, determine child support and visitation if there were children to the marriage, and award spousal support if necessary.

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