Drivers License Restoration

Driving privileges may be suspended or revoked under a variety of circumstances in the State of Michigan, including drunk driving, reckless driving, fleeing an officer, or driving without insurance. Having a suspended or revoked license can have substantial affects on an individual’s employment and personal life. While license revocation is a serious problem, driving without a license can result in even more severe consequences, including a misdemeanor conviction and possible jail time, probation, and added fines.

Many people think that once their license is revoked or suspended there is nothing that can be done. Attorney Chatterton has helped numerous clients go through the legal process of restoring their driver’s license and regaining their mobility. It can be a complex process involving extensive paperwork and possible reinstatement hearings. The reinstatement hearings are conducted through the Drivers Appeal and Assessment Division of the Michigan Department of State. The reinstatement hearing is an adversarial proceeding in which the Hearing Officer is empowered as the judge and jury. This highly technical system is not designed to automatically restore an individual’s privilege to operate a motorvehicle. The success or failure of an individual seeking restoration of driving privileges will depend on the level of preparation months prior to an actual hearing. With over 20 years of legal experience, Attorney Chatterton knows the laws, technicalities, and procedures of the system that enable his clients to gain reinstatment of their driving privileges. His knowledge and expertise will help you attain a better understanding of your legal situation and will ensure that your driver’s license is restored as quickly as possible.

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