Practice Areas

At the Law Office of Patrick L. Chatterton, we focus on providing solutions to the legal issues that most affect individuals and families in our communities.  Attorney Chatterton offers expert and aggressive legal representation, relying on over 30 years of experience in forging uncompromising legal solutions to whatever issues or challenges may be facing our clients.  We  possess the readiness to stand trial and litigate even the most complex claims in order to achieve the goals of our clients and to protect their interests.

Attorney Chatterton delivers quality legal representation in the following practice areas:

Family Law

Family Law, also called Domestic Relations law, encompasses many aspects of law that can have a significant impact on the home and family life. For those who are contemplating divorce or struggling with custody disputes, it can be an emotionally diff… Read More


A significant part of our Flint, MI family law practice deals with helping couples through a divorce and confronting the legal, emotional, and financial challenges that it may bring. It is important to consult with a Michigan divorce attorney early i… Read More

Separate Maintenance

Under Michigan law, when a couple is contemplating the termination of their marriage, they have two options: divorce or separation. In Michigan, the only way for a couple to obtain a legal separation is by filing a “Separate Maintenance”… Read More

Child Custody

Individuals may deal with custody issues during a divorce, after a divorce, or as part of a relationship that may not have included marriage. Attorney Chatterton has the experience and know-how to handle and counsel families through any family disput… Read More

Parenting Time

During divorce proceedings or when parents otherwise separate, visitation and the amount of time that parents are allowed to spend with their children is a very highly debated issue, ripe with emotion and fear. Parenting time is the time that a child… Read More

Child Support

Parents are often faced with the issue of child support or maintenance during divorce proceedings or upon termination of relationships that never contemplated marriage. In Michigan, the court will generally order the non-custodial parent to provide s… Read More

Spousal Support

In Michigan, courts have the ability to award spousal support during marriage, while divorce or separation is pending, or as part of a divorce decree or judgment of separate maintenance. The purpose of spousal support is to ensure an adequate income… Read More

Property Evaluation and Division

Going through a divorce proceeding or legal separation and dealing with the distribution of marital assets and property is a challenging process. Having competent legal representation is crucial to safeguarding your financial and proprietary interest… Read More

Division of Retirement Benefits

For couples who are going through a divorce or separation proceeding, particularly those who terminate a marriage later in life, a retirement plan or pension is often the largest asset after the family home. In Michigan, when courts seek to divide as… Read More

Division of Investments

In Michigan, assets and property of the marriage, also known as marital assets, are subject to equitable distribution. This means that the court has discretion to distribute the assets in any manner it sees fit, and in doing so, courts will take into… Read More


Whether you are a mother seeking to establish the paternity of your children or a father wishing to prove or disprove paternity, the result can have a substantial impact on your life and the life of the child. The paternity of a child can affect a di… Read More

Grandparent Visitation

The Michigan Legislature has recognized the right of grandparents to visit their grandchildren under certain circumstances. In order for a grandparent to be entitled to visitation, the courts will look to the situation of the parties and determine if… Read More

Post-Judgment Disputes/Modifications

If you are not happy with the outcome of the decision that was reached in your case or if your circumstances have changed, we can counsel you on the legal options that are available to you. If a dispute arises regarding a provision in the original di… Read More

Criminal Law

A criminal conviction can have very serious and lasting effects on the personal, professional, and family life of one who is charged. We fight hard to make sure your rights are not violated by police or prosecutors. Read More

State and Federal Courts

Our firm has a strong background in criminal defense work representing individuals charged with felonies and misdemeanors in state and federal court, including murder, criminal sexual conduct, armed robbery, computer crimes, fraud, embezzlement, exto… Read More


A felony conviction can have very serious and lifelong consequences for people who are charged and convicted. The effects have a lasting impact on family ties and can affect future employment as well as other personal and professional relationships.… Read More


Misdemeanor offenses are generally considered less serious than felony offenses, although there may be significant repercussions if an individual is convicted, including jail time, probation, fines, a criminal record, and possible points added to you… Read More

Alcohol Related Offenses

Alcohol-related accidents and deaths continue to be a serious problem at the local, state, and national level. The law in Michigan is quick to impose harsh consequences for a person who is charged with an alcohol-related offense. Conviction of an alc… Read More

Operating While Impaired

The state of Michigan has consistently increased penalties on driving while under the influence of alcohol or other substance throughout the years. It is important that if you find yourself charged with Operating While Impaired [OWI] you have an expe… Read More

Driving While License Suspended

In Michigan, driving is our birthright. A driver’s license suspension is inconvenient at best, making day-to-day life difficult. Many times, people drive without a license and the result is that they end up being charged with Driving While License… Read More

Drivers License Restoration

Driving privileges may be suspended or revoked under a variety of circumstances in the State of Michigan, including drunk driving, reckless driving, fleeing an officer, or driving without insurance. Having a suspended or revoked license can have subs… Read More

Personal Injury

Attorney Chatterton has helped injured victims successfully recover millions of dollars for their injuries. We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency basis, so we only recover if you do. Read More

Motor Vehicle/Motorcycle Accidents

Automobiles and other means of transportation are the chief causes of personal injury today. Moreover, resulting injuries are often severe, leaving parties with significant bodily harm, permanent disabilities, and a lengthy recovery period. Transport… Read More

Dog Bites

Landowners or occupiers of property may be held liable for injuries that take place on their property. This includes liability for injuries sustained as a result of dog bites. Most states, including Michigan, impose liability on a dog owner for all d… Read More