Firm Overview

The Law Office of Patrick L. Chatterton is a full-service law firm, offering comprehensive services to clients in the areas of family law (child custody, divorce, and all family law matters), criminal defense, and plaintiff personal injury. Located in Flint, Michigan, principal attorney Patrick Chatterton has built a successful legal practice serving the needs of his clients by gaining their trust and confidence in him as their representative in our legal system. Attorney Chatterton’s unique approach to representing his client’s interests involves his ability to analyze factual scenarios, establish issues of fact and law and to educate the client through exceptional personal one-on-one communication.

Attorney Chatterton is known to be an aggressive and tenacious advocate of his clients’ interest. His over 30 years of experience inside and outside of the courtroom, combined with his negotiation skills allow him to guide his clients to what are often times resolutions of a particular legal matter prior to Trial. Attorney Chatterton understands the importance of when and where it is appropriate to fight for the legal ground his clients must stand in matters which can result in a loss of personal rights and freedom we are all entitled to by our Constitution that must be decided by our fellow citizens at Trial.

Attorney Chatterton has represented hundreds of clients throughout the entire State of Michigan (Upper and Lower Peninsula’s) who come from all walks of life. Attorney Chatterton believes that all people, regardless of income, gender, color, religion or race are entitled to the same high level of legal representation he has provided to hundreds of satisfied clients during his career.

If you are in need of committed and compassionate legal representation, please contact the Law Office of Patrick L. Chatterton to schedule an appointment. Whether you are contemplating divorce, or facing a misdemeanor or felony conviction, recovering from personal injuries, struggling with the death of a loved one, Attorney Chatterton has the integrity, dedication, and skill to work for you.