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Attorney Chatterton is friendly and helpful, delivering personal and compassionate legal services that respond to the needs of our clients. Dealing with legal problems can be a difficult time, particularly when they involve emotional issues, such as the death of a loved one or a child custody dispute. Attorney Chatterton goes beyond the scope of his duty and works to counsel clients through whatever challenging situation they may be facing. Call us today at 810-767-0407 to schedule a consultation.

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"I was facing a low level felony and misdemeanor. Attorney Chatterton utilizing his legal knowledge and expertise presented the facts. My charges were reduced and dismissed. Attorney Chatterton knows the legal system and will work for you and get results."
- Mark

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Establishing Paterity of Child Born During Marriage

If your child was born during your marriage, but was not fathered by your husband, you may wonder how to resolve the issue of your child’s paternity. If you are the biological father of a child born while the mother was married to another man, you may wonder how to establish your paternity. These are difficult situations, and we want to help you resolve them. Read More